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Jake's Sports Cafe

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One of Lubbock's iconic spots for icy-beer, live music and party-vibe entertainment. Enjoy our local hot spot for bar grub, trivia, karaoke, live music and more!

"They are basically two venues in one!"

Jake's Backroom

Jake's Backroom hosts national and local bands, DJs, promoters and entertainers. All the while, our Sports Cafe serves up the best bar grub, a huge line up of cocktails and beer, the game, the trivia, karaoke and the local vibe. Don't miss it. Become a regular at Jake's.

Who is Jake?

Our happy little bar and stellar venue outback owes it's whole existence to two (maybe 3.. or 4) key people -- Jake being one of them. Born and raised in Lubbock, Jake grew up in a house full of music. Himself a drummer and entertainer with a degree in music business, Jake continues the family tradition.

But Jake is not alone in his endeavor -- and didn't name his bar after himself, no. That was a family choice. It is more likely that you know Scott. Scott is the name behind Canyon Amphitheater, Jake's Backroom, Charlie B's, Gemini Point of Sale, Lubbock Poker Room and a whole host of other entertainment and leisure venues. If you've had fun in Lubbock, it probably had to do with him!